Spring Trip

Friday, April 08, 2005

A somber and sunburned Lanny. Between using two cameras, and keeping busy with the rides and activities, these pictures are getting out of order. It will probably get worse as time goes on. Very hard keeping everything straight. I only post about a 10th of the ones I'm taking, but I'm saving them all and will put the whole trip on a disk with high resolution pics when I get home. The good one I took of Sid and Skandy on the wing today going down the road was accidently deleted after I posted it to the blog. Guess I'll have to try for another. Anyway, I'm sitting in the lobby of the motel now. Mark (Trout) Brown just arrived, he's been missing in action, but will go to Kelly's Kawasaki here tomorrow and pick up a BRAND NEW NOMAD. He has some proplems with his old classic on the way down, so this is the answer. Reminds me of Jerry Zimmerman a few years ago at ES.


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