Spring Trip

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The last days of Spring. This beautiful Yucca blossom is fading.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Willow Loop road. What a ride!

A clear stream with a lot of wild trout in it. Some look to be 8 to 10 inches. Perfect for the frying pan!

Pretty flowers!

The NoClassEak in a field of flowers.

The Llano River, right in the center of the City.

The destination of the day!

Lunch! Went light today, saving up for when the rest of the folk get here.

Coopers. The Pit! They even have goat ribs here. You pick what you like, they take it inside and weight it out and price it.

This little guy heard my pipes and tried to jump through a farm fence!

Indian Paintbrushes

Monday, April 11, 2005

First field of Bluebonnets. The flowers aren't as plentiful this year, at least coming into the Hill Country. Usually there are tons of red paint brushes, Bluebonnets and lots of different yellow flowers. I don't know if it's early or late, but there aren't as many. Tomorrow I'll make a cruise on the bike up to the "flower route" north of Fredericksburg, and make sure they still have the fires going at Coopers! I didn't plan on getting here so fast, but "white line fever" got to me, and I couldn't stop!

Ol' Ready Indian. A Texas landmark, around milepost 180 on I-10, going East.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

This picture of Jack and Barb will be the last of the AZ bike week photos. Sorry I didn't get everyone in, but there are hundreds of pics I took over the weekend. When I get home I'll transfer them all to a CD and make it available to anyone that was there and wants one. As usual, Jack went all out to make it the most enjoyable for the majority. It's very hard to coordinate things for a large group, and the Foree's do an excellent job. I think there were around 40 total that were there, and about 25 or 30 that participated in everything. It was a great weekend. I'm ready to go home now, but instead will just HAVE to attend a couple more rallies before I head back West with Scorpion~'s bike.....

One of my favorite stops for several years. They have new owners now, and the sopapillas aren't nearly as good as they have been in the past. Sometimes change isn't good.

This truck just pulled into the Rest Area. They were on their way home from AZ bike week too. The driver and his helper got out and gave the Green Machine the once over.

Some rock formations at a rest area just before entering New Mexico.

This is outside on the motel patio. They were nice to us and made a fire in this "Kiva" style fireplace. Most of the crowd saw the midnight hour. This was just after dinner.

When you ask VROC'ers to wave, you GET a WAVE!

I think Barb has been watching some of the weird people from the "University of the Seven Rays". They were having a convention at our motel. Definitely on a different plane! Well. mayby it's just her Camilla wave....

Although Tresa and Tony D. aren't exactly newlyweds, they act like it. A happy couple!

Looks like Craig Scott was eating like the Gentleman that he is.....that leaves Pugg!

Sid and Skandy and I went to the Home Town Buffet earlier, so they are here to socialize. We were already stuffed from the Buffet!

Would you believe Carol and Jim (Rev) don't drink any booze? Looks like they've sloshing it down, but they are just high on VROC!

A good picture of Mark "Trout" Brown. The smile must have something to do with his first hard day on the new Nomad.

Beth and Flaco...or was that FlakeO?

Saturday evening. Sue and Todd Skaggs from Southern California. This was their 2nd year to attend AZ bike week with VROC.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Loaded and ready for the HCR in Texas. I'll probably get in to Fredericksbury on Wednesday. This has been a wonderfull weekend, made so by the people that are here, and the weather!

Lisa and her Yamaha Roadstar. Her SO is a Harley rider, but she's OK. . She rode down with Phyllis.

Phyllis has a very pretty Harley. She's a good friend of Jack and Barb Foree, and lives in Holbrook.

The "Trailer Queens" Lisa and Phillis. The got all spiffed up to they could ride to the Rawhide and get windblown again. Ahhhhh, the life of a woman with helmet hair

A VROC send off! There were others present, but it was hard getting everyone together for a picture, when his huge shop was just filled with new bike and CLAP to tempt everyone.

Mark preparing for his first start up, with Utemike looking on. Mike had to leave today to catch a plane. He's one busy guy!

Barb's tank. There were 21 VROC bikes parked in front of Kelly's Kawasaki waiting for Mark to take delivery.

Salesman cleaning the fingerprints off. This will be the LAST time this bike is ever this clean! Mark is right in front of Skid in believing water and soap can ruin a bike. However, I know for a fact Skid's new Wing has been washed 3 times already! That has to be a record.

Mark Brown on his new ride. He ordered this bike over the phone while he was visiting in Georgia last week. It was all ready for him as scheduled, a very smooth delivery. Highest regards for Kelly's Kawaski in Mesa, AZ. We were there when the shop opened at 9 AM!

Saturday morning breakfast on the patio of the motel. Barb, Jack, Mike and Craig.

Teresa, Jack, Barb and Sandy

Utemike, and Barb. Never could figure out how ladies can sit like that, even on a hillside!

Lisa, Barb,Craig, Pugg, and Mark Brown. Barb and Mark just got in Friday evening, so they are catching up on the news. Later today I'll be posting a picture of Mark's new Nomad!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Pug and Phyllis, just "hamming it up"

The "Old" hippie, and Karl.

Lisa, a friend of Phyllis and the Foree's, checking out one of Pugg's mexican stogies.

Craig and Mile laughing it up at the DD BBQ.

Jerry (Pop Pop) Zimmerman. He made it to AZ Bike weeks again, and brought several of his LA friends with him. It's always good to see Jerry "It don't get any better than this"!, and Hugs all around. That's Jerry!

A somber and sunburned Lanny. Between using two cameras, and keeping busy with the rides and activities, these pictures are getting out of order. It will probably get worse as time goes on. Very hard keeping everything straight. I only post about a 10th of the ones I'm taking, but I'm saving them all and will put the whole trip on a disk with high resolution pics when I get home. The good one I took of Sid and Skandy on the wing today going down the road was accidently deleted after I posted it to the blog. Guess I'll have to try for another. Anyway, I'm sitting in the lobby of the motel now. Mark (Trout) Brown just arrived, he's been missing in action, but will go to Kelly's Kawasaki here tomorrow and pick up a BRAND NEW NOMAD. He has some proplems with his old classic on the way down, so this is the answer. Reminds me of Jerry Zimmerman a few years ago at ES.

Jim (Rev) and Carol. They just rode in today.

Skid and I seem to keep busy taking pictures!

Our host for the evening, Mel, of D&D Cycle. He has a real nice accessory shop. The tomales and burritos were good too, as well as all the bar b que. A very nice guy and fellow VROC'er.

Craig Scott says, Yee Haw, a real American hot dog!